There’s No Place Like (a Floating) Home for the Holidays

Blaze Nash and her tugboat "OTTO" transported carolers around the WPH lagoon on December 11  |  photo by  Flo Hoylman
Even Santa joined the crowd at Wilford Welch and Carole Angermeir's home...
... including the newest East Pierian, Ty  |  photos by Teddie Hathaway

Cathy and Sally Seyl enjoyed the Liberty Dock Seahorse party... did Blaze and Ali...
Tracy and Victoria...
...Tim and Gena...
... and Keith Shaw and Michele Affronte  |  photos courtesy of Michele
New and returning FHA Board Members got together at FLo Hoylman's South 40 home
Jill Stephens welcomed Issaquah partiers to her home
Michael Angeles and Ali Johnston sported seasonal sweaters on Issaquah
The firepit at Malia Haas' home proved popular
The Lady Jane on Gate 6-1/2 hosted dessert at the end of a progressive potluck
Jane Clinton's lemon bars were highly anticipated for dessert
Pardon me boys, is that the Sausalito choo-choo?  |  these photos and post by Larry Clinton

Holiday celebrations take many forms on the waterfront. Blaze Nash transported carolers around the Waldo Point Lagoon on her little red tugboat Otto. Gate 6 1/2 and Issaquah staged progressive potlucks with entrees provided by the Floating Homes Association; Issaquah partiers were encouraged to wear Christmas sweaters: ugly, festive, fun, naughty, or nice.

Liberty Dock took its show on the road to the Seahorse with a live band called The Creatures of Habit. East Pierians gathered at their usual party pad, the home of Wilford Welch and Carole Angermeir.

Docks and homes sported garlands, wreaths, tinsel, menorahs and all manner of holiday decorations.

No doubt there were plenty of other celebrations, but your intrepid reporter couldn’t get to them all. It’s been a holiday season to remember.

Watch this story live tonight: Thursday Dec 21 on the 6 p.m. news — Local NBC Channel 3. Or catch the story and video (after the news airs): Christmas Caroling at Sausalito’s Floating Homes Done by Boat.

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