The Show Must Go On — Thanks to Joe Tate

Donna Bragg Tate cheers on her husband Joe | photo from Joe Tate | post by Larry Clinton

Five minutes before the July 8 Jazz and Blues by the Bay concert was due to start at Gabrielson Park, the organizers learned that the scheduled act couldn’t make it. Sound man John Mork decided to see if waterfront rock legend Joe Tate could fill in but, had to call clear across the country to get Joe’s phone number.

As it turns out, Joe and Donna were on their way to the park, as spectators.

Joe says, “I made a few calls, mounted the stage by myself and belted out a few of my favorites. Soon, my musical comrades arrived, and we tore it up, as only the Blue Monday Band can.”

Later, this message appeared in Sausalito Currents: “Sausalito Parks and Recreation extends a big thank you to Joe Tate, Craig Caffall, Greg Crockett, Chris Burns, and friends for subbing in at Jazz and Blues by the Bay when the scheduled performer was a last-minute cancellation. Within 45 minutes of getting the call, the newly formed Backup Blues Brothers kicked off a rollicking set for the hundreds of music fans in attendance.”