The Blue Monday Jam Sessions

The Sausalito Cruising Club in Dunphy Park  |  home to the Blue Monday Jazz Sessions
The Blue Monday Band—with Joe Tate front and center  |  post by Joe Tate
Andy Simpson sitting in at his table (with his guitar cord leading to the stage)

Dr. “Skip” Dossett of South 40 Pier singing "sit in"—skip does Elvis very well

"get up, get down, or just hang around"
The band 7th Sons—another band on the Sausalito music scene


Sausalito is a thriving community, with never a dull moment. You need look no further than the No Name Bar, where you can hear music every night. From The Hippie Voices to Friday Night Jazz, the No Name features a wide variety of music. Another venue is the Seahorse, where salsa dancing is featured every Sunday afternoon. Friday nights is dancing to local bands with a $5 cover.

At the Sausalito Cruising Club, The Blue Monday Jam Sessions are hosted by (South 40’s) Joe Tate and the Blue Monday Band. Every Monday, starting at 7:30, BMB plays the first set and then members of the audience are invited to “sit in.”

Usually starting with one or two jammers, every member of the band is slowly replaced, until a whole new band has taken over. Of course it’s hard to predict what will happen and the results are often extraordinary.

If you play an instrument or sing, the $10 admission is reduced to $5. Please tell the doorman you are going to perform. After you’ve entered, simply sign up on the clipboard at the piano and you’ll be called in order.

Please note: this is very different from open mic where you, and perhaps a friend or two, get up and play something rehearsed for the occasion. In a jam session you will be playing spontaneously with others, a song chosen by whoever is singing. Most of the songs are simple popular songs and are usually blues-oriented.

You can get up and play, get down on the dance floor or just hang out and enjoy the music, food and vibes. In other words get up, get down or just hang around.

The Sausalito Cruising Club is members-only—non-members will need to RSVP:
(415)385.1606 or to be placed to the guest list; otherwise no admittance.

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