Styrofoam, Cigarette Butts, and Plastic: Coastal Cleanup Cleans Up

Most of the volunteers standing by their haul: Teddie Hathaway, Steve Leskin and Michelle Lawson, Betsy Finn and Matt Perry, Kats Hunter and Jon Sibaila, Captain Jen Gennari, Brad Hathaway and Marti Roush. [not pictured: John Schlag, Chris Campbell, Susie and Lon Woodrum, Helen Vandeman, Ted Sempliner, and Natasha Kimmell]  |  photos and post by Jen Gennari
Ali Johnston and Marti Roush work together to pick up and document trash
Natasha Kimmell adds litter to Ted Sempliner’s trash bag
Brad and Teddie Hathaway find tons of Styrofoam near the 101 fence
Michelle, Kats, Jon and Steve work along the bike path
Betsy Finn keeps an eye out for litter
A close up of decomposing plastic bag
The full mountain of trash, including the abandoned crutch

On a perfect Saturday, 18 people from Issaquah, East Pier, Yellow Ferry, Gate 6 ½ and Richardson Bay Marina cleaned up our waterfront shoreline. We filled more than 18 bags of recycling and trash!

The volunteers gathered for muffins and an orientation on how to complete the data cards. Noting how many pieces and what kinds of trash we gather is important information that is used to pass anti-pollution legislation, such as the single-use plastic bag ban. Organized by the FHA Environmental Committee, the clean up is part of an international campaign to protect our oceans.

Our group focused on cleaning the one-mile stretch of shoreline from Kappas Green to Commodore. We estimated that we picked up more than 600 cigarette butts, 500 styrofoam fragments, plastic bags and bottles, and paper cups. The most unusual items we found were a ladder (blown from the highway), a broken fan, and a crutch.

Thanks to all who volunteered!