Stewart Brand Documentary Showing Aug 13

Stewart Brand (top hat, l.) at Whole Earth back in the day | photo courtesy of Stewart Brand | post by Larry Clinton

A new documentary about the life of South 40’s Stewart Brand, entitled “We are as Gods,” will be screened at the Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael at 7:00 p.m. this Saturday, August 13th.

”We Are as Gods” offers a deep dive into the many sides of Stewart Brand—a legendary pioneer of LSD, cyberspace, futurism, and modern environmentalism, who now urges people to fight extinction by reviving lost species. He’s a ’60s Bay Area denizen, a member of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters, cofounder of the Hackers Conference, creator of The Whole Earth Catalog (and co-founder of The WELL), and an early proponent of the environmental movement. Brand’s work has influenced many who have gone on to shape our modern world. Now in his 80s, he seeks to leave a legacy for the long–term future with his efforts to resurrect ecosystems through de–extinction, and through the Long Now Foundation, which is building an historic 10,000 year clock at a remote location in Texas.

The screening will be followed by an in–person Q&A with Stewart and filmmaker Jason Sussberg. To see a trailer of the documentary and to order tickets visit the Smith San Rafael website. For discounted $8 tickets, enter code: puppies2022.