Sep 14 Tour Progressing Well

Once again, yellow flags will mark the docks and homes on our September 14 tour | photo and post by Larry Clinton

The Tour Committee has been hard at work, with lots of progress to report on our September 14 Open Homes Tour. Michele Affronte and Mari Steeno have lined up 8 homes, on Liberty, Van Damme and Issaquah. If you know of other residents on those docks who would be willing to open their homes, please let Michele know.

Linda Sempliner reports that 37 tickets have already been sold, and two bus groups are planning to attend, as well.

About 60 volunteers have signed up to date. The sooner volunteers sign up, the better their chances of getting the assignments and shifts they prefer. Volunteers work a half-day and may take the tour for free before or after their shifts. To purchase tickets or to volunteer, log on to the tour page of the FHA website and follow the prompts.

Ted Sempliner has sold $4500 worth of sponsorship ads, and is contacting other nearby businesses who have supported us in the past. If you’d like to recommend a sponsor, please email us their contact information.

Bruce Thomas has sent news releases to magazines and websites. Additional releases will be sent as we finalize details such as featured homes, and participating artists, authors and musicians. If you’d like to sell your art or books during the tour, contact Teddie Hathaway. Interested musicians should get in touch with Julie Durbin.

This year’s tour will be based at the new award-winning Waldo Point Harbor Park. Candice Gold is scheduling a logistical walk-through on May 24 to determine the placement of tables, chairs, bandstand and other necessities.

Parking will be offsite at the WestAmerica Plaza (Harbor Drive at Bridgeway). From there, tour visitors can catch complimentary shuttles to the Park, or stroll the level 3-block walking path along Bridgeway to join the festivities.

As always, the tour is the major funding vehicle for the Floating Homes Association, and once again proceeds will be shared with Friends of the Marin City Library and Sausalito Village, local non-profits which provide dozens of tour volunteers.

The next Tour Committee meeting will be June 10 on the Lady Jane, 29 Gate 6 ½.