Sausalito Waterfront Poet Reads at the Library

Keith Emmons Then — 1970s: At the time of “Waterfront writings: Anchored out” | photo by Bruce Forrester | post by Jenny Stein

Moondrifter Reverie — Please join us in the City Hall Council Chambers on Thursday, December 7 at 7:00 p.m. for a reading by Sausalito waterfront poet Keith Emmons, author of the new poetry collection Moondrifter Reverie.

A cum laude graduate of Harvard College, Keith lived for ten years in the Waldo Point houseboat community in the hippie days of the 1970s. Through poetry, haiku and free verse, Moondrifter Reverie describes a freewheeling group of dissenters from the social mainstream, determined to live by their own collective philosophy of peace and personal freedom. Through mirth and tears, drumming, howling at the moon, and raising their children in “the natural way,” the small community thrived until it ultimately succumbed to the antithetical values and raw hegemony of real estate developers. This program is presented by the Sausalito Public Library.

When asked what he missed most about living here, Keith replied:

What do I miss most about living on the waterfront? The amazing living vitality of every moment. Everything is alive: the water, the animals, the sky, the fog endlessly pouring over from the western hills —all in constant motion. And the views: open water, the Bay Bridge at night, Angel Island, Belvedere, Mount Tamalpais. And the scent of fresh air flowing over the bow at dawn.

All this, and more, I’ve tried to express in my waterfront writing.

So many people at my readings have told me they felt they were there, experiencing the water, while I read. So maybe I’ve had some success, although to truly appreciate the beauty of living our waterfront life you have to live on the water itself. There’s no substitute for reality, not even art!

Keith Emmons Now —2010: At the time of “Leaving the world” | photo by Keith’s love Elaine

To learn more about Keith—poet and builder (of South 40’s Train Wreck)—or to order a signed copy of Moondrifter Reverie, check out Keith’s website. To discover more of our local authors head on over to A Boatload of Books.

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