Sausalito Village Stages Virtual Art Show

Photographer Mike Lewis shot this selfie in a roadside traffic mirror  |  photo by Mike Lewis |  post by Teddie Hathaway

Many of our floating home neighbors are members of Sausalito Village, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the ability of members to live independently and remain active and involved in the community as they age. Sausalito Village is celebrating its 8th Annual Art Show…..virtually. Unfortunately you will miss the many familiar faces and new friends we meet each year at the Opening Reception in the library, but you can settle in and enjoy the art of Sausalito Village’s members and volunteers as you watch the virtual show. As with previous annual events, the show is accompanied by The Nob Hill Quartet’s string music.

Neighbors participating in the show include Teddie Hathaway (East Pier), Mike Lewis (A Dock), and South 40 alumnae Hillair Bell and Michael Sheats.

Much of the artwork is for sale with purchase information in the video. The show can be viewed 24/7 through the middle of December by going to the homepage of the Sausalito Village website.