Rockin’ in Place

Throughout our community, people are finding creative ways to get together and let off steam—all at a safe distance.

Annabelle Joy of Liberty Dock invited her friend Chloe Jean to sing and play keyboards on a motorized float one recent Friday night. Previously, Fiver Brown had given a similar performance. Each time, lots of neighbors gathered in every type of watercraft to join in the fun.

On A Dock Liz and Roger Krakow play DJ Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings for a half hour, to the delight of residents and visitors alike. When she isn’t rocking to the music, Maude Bradley (below l.) caters individual dinners for A Dock neighbors. Even Davey Jones got into the act while delivering meals for his Port & Provisions service.








Video by Michele Affronte  |  A Dock photos by Catherine Lyons-Labate  |  post by Larry Clinton