Remembering My Friend Muriel Kifer

Ric Miller with feted queen at her 80th birthday dock alert  |  photos and post by Ric Miller
Muriel at her 80th birthday party with her dog, Salty and neighbor Vera Mares-Guia
Muriel at a dock alert in her powder blue matching tennis warm-ups with her dog, Jib
Muriel stomps the fruit of the vine with spotter/neighbor Sally Campbell
Muriel with “Golden Hindsight” glasses and flapper head-bow
Muriel Kifer in 2010

"Muriel Kifer was my longest good friend and doubles partner. We started at tennis
together when l was 16 and she 21. Needless to say l was saddened at her passing.
l join in with all of you with the many accolades for her," Marge McCord  |  photo 1964


As has been written, Muriel was a tennis pro and a sophisticated lady.

She was also a down to earth, caring person, with a love of life.

Long after Muriel retired from tennis and globetrotting, she drove a school bus for special needs children – for many years.

She deeply cared about people.

She extended this caring to rescue dogs that she brought into her home and our community. Of the many, I remember Kilty, Salty, and Jib. Most needed a way to adjust from a life of abuse – which Muriel paved with patient, loving care. She said to me that they were little souls in fur. When one’s lifespan ended, after a period of mourning, she would find another little soul to save and the process would begin anew.

Over the years, Issaquah Dock has held more than a few social functions. A memorable one was the “Dry Creek Wine Stomp” sponsored by Issaquah Dock resident, Mark Williams. He chartered a bus for a couple dozen of us Issaquaians. Turned out only women were allowed to immerse themselves in the vintner’s grapes so, not being shy, Muriel happily obliged.

At a large dock alert for her 80th birthday, the gift opening began with Muriel donning the bow-thingy from a present. The gift was a set of glasses engraved with the name of her floating home, “The Golden Hindsight”. Muriel was a clever word-smith having been one of my proof readers for the Floating Times. I learned from her that you don’t “wind your way down the road” you “wend your way”.

My favorite picture of Muriel was taken at her 80th birthday party. We adorned her with a tiara & kukui nut beads, feted her with wine and other intoxicants, and provided a large banquet of favorite party foods in true Issaquah dock-alert style. I half-jokingly told here, “if you were five years younger, I’d be sleeping with you”. She complained to me, “you told me that five years ago!”

Muriel led a rich, full life. Having been a professional athlete and world traveler in years past, she has been an inspiration to young women. She touched the lives of many people (and dogs). She was a joyful woman and the twinkle in her eye belies more than a small amount of mischief.

I love her and will miss her.

I want to acknowledge all of the people who insured that Muriel made the transition to The Redwoods Retirement Home and spent her last years comfortable, happy, and well cared for. Leni Miller was Muriel’s financial executor and made sure everything “happened” for Muriel. Numerous others helped as well. Sanlin Cory worked tirelessly to make sure that Muriel had care and comfort for the years she was in The Redwoods. The Redwoods hired fantastic people and the main caregiver was a wonderful woman named Laurel.

Muriel Kifer, formerly of #2 Issaquah, died December 15, 2016 – age 92. 

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