Reimbursements Return

Once again, docks can be reimbursed for holiday parties or other expenses  |  photo by Carole Angermeir  |  post by Larry Clinton

For years, the Floating Homes Association has reimbursed docks for expenses for activities such as parties, dock upgrades, etc.  Also, FHA members who passed Community Emergency Response Trainings have been reimbursed for the cost of enrollment.

Both of those programs were suspended earlier this year, when it became apparent there would be no Open Homes tour due to the pandemic shut-down. However, the virtual gala and tour in June replenished the FHA treasury, so both programs are back!

Effectively immediately, each dock can be reimbursed for expenses up to $10 per berth. To qualify, receipts must be submitted by dock reps to administrative coordinator Linda Sempliner before the end of the calendar year. This program will most likely be renewed in 2022 as well.

Additionally, residents who enroll in CERT trainings will be reimbursed for their expenses upon successfully completing a training. No local trainings are currently scheduled, but this program will be carried over to 2022, and the FHA hopes to get as many dock residents trained as possible.