Reflections by Jarl Forsman

A small sampling of Jarl's images: Wolf Island, Main Dock
The Train Wreck, South 40
The Dragon Boat, Issaquah

The Taj Mahal, downtown  |  images by Jarl Forsman  |  post by Larry Clinton

Issaquah Dock resident Jarl Forsman is a writer, painter and long-time practitioner and teacher of the art of Tai Chi/Qigong. She’s recently discovered a new artistic direction.

Exploring the nooks and crannies of Richardson bay at various times of day from her small motor boat, she began to notice the play of light and color on the water. She observed how the gentle ripples of the boat’s wake slightly distorted the images of various objects she saw reflected in the water. She was so mesmerized by these unpredictable distortions that she started photographing what she saw.

Then she began to experiment with digital alteration using a variety of programs to transmute the original images and create stunning, atmospheric works of art. These images comprise a body of work that is the result of extensive, repeated experimentation, endless variation of natural light, weather and water conditions in combination with an enthusiastic, artistic eye that knows what to look for, how to enhance it and how to have fun playing with it. But perhaps the most important ingredient in this new art form is Jarl’s deep gratitude for having stumbled upon this medium as a mode of artistic expression.

Jarl can print these striking images on tote bags, cards, coasters, prints, pillows or dishtowels. To see more of her work, and to order printed items, go to Be sure to check out her collection of houseboat art.