Ramp Metering at Gate 6

Metering installation work is already underway on Bridgeway on-ramp | photo and post by Larry Clinton

Sausalito Currents reports that preliminary construction along northbound Highway 101 will begin today, Monday, April 22, as part of a Caltrans project to install ramp metering equipment at 11 locations in Marin County. Ramp closures and detours are likely to begin in early May. Most of the work will be performed at night.

In Sausalito, ramp metering lights will be installed at the Spencer Avenue, Rodeo Avenue, and Bridgeway on-ramps to northbound Highway 101. A digital message sign will also be installed north of the Alexander Avenue exit. When available, the construction schedules for these locations will be published in Sausalito Currents and on the City website.

In addition to the new metering lights, construction includes the installation of sensors in the pavement of the highway, the on-ramp, and the off-ramp at each location.

Ramp metering manages traffic entering a freeway by regulating the flow of traffic and making it smoother for vehicles to merge onto the freeway. Caltrans considers ramp meters to be a low-cost and effective way to improve traffic flow and reduce travel times.

Additional ramp meters, including meters on southbound Highway 101, will be installed in Marin as part of an anticipated phase two of the project.

An illustration of ramp metering in action | illustration from Sausalito Currents