Rains, High Tides in Forecast

Gate 6 Road inundated in 6.0′ tide | photo by Melanie Rovens | post by Larry Clinton

With the winter rainy season upon us, those who live or park their vehicles in low-lying terrain need to be cautious about upcoming high tides. The next one, a 6.4’ sea level rise, occurs early the Friday after Thanksgiving and tides will remain high through November 28, according to the Southern Marin Fire Department. Here’s what to expect:

  • Nov 24, 8:41 AM, 6.4 feet
  • Nov 25, 9:16 AM, 6.6 feet
  • Nov 26, 9:52 AM, 6.7 feet
  • Nov 27, 10:28 AM, 6.7 feet
  • Nov 28, 11:05 AM, 6.5 feet

Next month we’ll report the high tides for December and January. For advance planning use the interactive tide calendar in this newsletter.

The accompanying photo of Gate 6 Road in front of Yellow Ferry Harbor was taken during a 6.0 foot tide with no rain.