Power Outage Tips on FHA Website

During the last PG&E outage, Paul Bergeron turned on his generator and set up a recharging station for the use of his Gate 6 1/2 neighbors | photo and post by Larry Clinton

“Use some empty plastic or glass bottles to make ice to keep the freezer and refrigerator cold. (Choose small bottles to fit anywhere; large-mouth are easiest to fill.)”  That’s just one of many tips for surviving a power outage on the docks. Flo Hoylman and her Emergency Services Committee have gathered tips like this from dozens of residents and placed them on the FHA website: Prepare for Power Failures.

With a dry February, some areas of California are already slipping back into drought status, so the prospect of electrical outages later this year is looming large. The time to begin preparing for them is now. Look over the web page, and if you have any additional tips to contribute, send them along to Flo.

photos and post by Larry Clinton