Pot on Bridgeway?

Cannabis dispensaries are popping up in other states  |  photo from Pinterest  |  post by Larry Clinton

The Sausalito City Council has been exploring the possibility of retail cannabis operations in Sausalito since 2019, and the subject will be discussed in an upcoming public city council meeting on February 9.

According to a staff report, the council first approved delivery of medicinal cannabis into Sausalito in November 2017, responding to shows of support for legalizing pot in the November 2016 General Election (Prop 64) and a subsequent survey on the city’s website. All other cannabis-related commercial activity, including retail storefront dispensaries, remained banned at that time.

On January 9, 2018, the council voted to also allow the delivery of recreational (adult-use) marijuana. By October of 2019, the council was quietly exploring the possibility of retail cannabis operations within city limits. Last fall, a working group was formed to meet with staff and provide recommendations to the full city council. At the upcoming February 9 council meeting, that working group is scheduled to present an update on its findings. The full agenda for the Zoom meeting will be posted on the web  about a week before the meeting date, with the opportunity for individuals to request an invitation to attend the virtual meeting.

Rumors have it that one of the possible sites under consideration is on North Bridgeway, right in the heart of the floating homes community. If you have questions about this issue, or feel strongly about it (whether pro or con), you can attend the Zoom meeting, or you can submit your comments or questions via email.

An archived video of the meeting will be available for those who can’t attend in person.