News & Views from the 2018 FHA Annual Meeting & Party

Carole Angermier, Teddie Hathaway and Linda Sempliner handled registration before the Annual Meeting  |  photo by Susan Huxtable
Supervisor Kate Sears encouraged community input to issues such as climate change and sea level rise  |  all subsequent photos and post by Larry Clinton
Environmental Committee Co-chair Jen Gennari discussed plans for e-waste disposal, coastal cleanup and her hopes of getting a ride-sharing service for the floating homes community
Flo Hoylman encouraged everyone to take advantage of the many services provided by the FHA, particularly emergency preparedness
I was surprised and delighted to receive a beautiful glass sculpture as Member of the Year
Julie Durbin and Michele Affronte enthusiastically conducted the door prize drawing
After the meeting, Wilford Welch and Taylor Ray poured drinks for the thirsty crowd
Several food stations served a variety of delicacies

At the February 24 FHA Annual Meeting, Supervisor Kate Sears brought everyone up to date on several key issues affecting our community:

  • Funding has been obtained to complete the lighting in the underpass between Marin City and Sausalito. Caltrans has engaged contractors for the project; it is hoped the lighting will be completed by mid-May.
  • After reviewing many proposals on how to handle dogs off-leash in the GGNRA, the Park Service is not changing any existing regulations. Supervisor Sears advised that everyone should be aware of, and follow, the signs.
  • One of Kate Sears’ greatest priorities is to assess the effects of sea level rise, especially in her district: Southern Marin. She discussed a recent meeting that featured a Game of Floods, an exercise that encourages people to explore what is necessary to cope with rising sea levels. Many good conversations resulted. The County of Marin and local communities have produced data about each of their needs. She invited everyone to attend upcoming planning sessions and public hearings.
  • A campaign called Drawdown Marin is underway to create a carbon-free community by emphasizing renewable energy, low carbon transportation, energy efficiency, local food, and carbon sequestration (long-term storage of various forms of carbon to mitigate or defer global warming and avoid dangerous climate change). It was inspired by the book “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming” by ex-floating homes resident Paul Hawken. The goal of Drawdown Marin is to dramatically reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in Marin. Flyers explaining these issues were available.

Supervisor Sears invited everyone to subscribe to her District 3 Newsletter for updates on these and other local matters.

Treasurer Joan Sheahan presented the Association’s 2017 financial report, pointing out that some extraordinary expenses created a net loss of over $7,000 last year. Even so, the FHA treasury had a balance of more than $73,000 by year’s end.

FHA President Katherine Boschetto led a round of applause for Louise Simpson, who coordinated the meeting and party. She also encouraged everyone to visit the update FHA website.

Committee chairs also reported on their current and future activities (see slide show above) and the meeting concluded with a spirited door prize drawing. Thanks to the following door prize donors:

Wine Train tickets (Michele Affronte)
A $300 splurge for a night out (Rachelle Dorris)
$250 gift certificate for Poggio (Howard Myers)
Four gift certificates for Soulstice Spa massage and class (Steve Sekhon)
Gift Certificate to Barrel House (Financial Benefits Credit Union)
Gift Basket (Bank of Marin)
Five boxes of Wine Country note cards (Ric Miller)
A print of a panoramic photo,  “Halloween on the Pond“ (Ric Miller)
Two floating home calendars (Emily Riddell)
Chocolates (Nancy Starr)
A copy of “My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer” (Jen Gennari)
Glass Pendant (Teddie Hathaway)
Gift certificates to Bayside
Red emergency Grab and Go Bag (Flo Hoylman, on behalf of the FHA)
Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour book (Victoria Colella)
5×7 Artwork (Victoria Colella)

After the meeting a sumptuous buffet dinner was served in the Bay Model Gallery. A new table arrangement increased the seating capacity of this popular dinner party.