New Shopping Carts from FHA

The FHA has ordered 10 tiered carts like this...
20 small carts like this...
and 10 traditional carts like this  |  photos by Flo Hoylman  |  post by Larry Clinton


If you’ve seen some new shopping carts on your dock recently, that’s because the Floating Homes Association has purchased 40 new and refurbished carts for use by residents.

FHA Vice President Flo Hoylman arranged for the carts to be delivered to pick up points near East Pier and Liberty Dock on the morning of July 26. The carts came in three sizes, and dock reps chose a selection of carts and brought them back to their docks. Dock reps also brought nonworking carts to the delivery sites to be recycled. Some of these carts were damaged by contractors overloading them. You can help preserve the carts on your dock by asking contractors to provide their own conveyances for transporting equipment and materials.

The new carts are another community service from the Floating Homes Association. Your support of the FHA is greatly appreciated. Everyone is welcome to join the FHA, renters as well as owners.

Rob Kabus of Issaquah Dock grabs some carts purchased by the FHA  |  photo by Flo Hoylman