Magazines for San Quentin

San Quentin inmates are locked down  |  Public Domain photo from Wikipedia  |  post by Sally Champe

As most of you know, there has been a massive outbreak of COVID-19 at San Quentin Prison. All the inmates are in a lock-down situation. That means that any classes they may have been taking or groups they were a part of have been cancelled. There are no longer any organized activities. The yard where they usually exercise and meet with friends has been taken over by hospital tents.

The Prison University Project has asked for people to donate appropriate reading material, preferably magazines for the prisoners. The date of publication does not matter. Just anything that will give them something to do to occupy themselves in a positive way. If we are having a hard time with social distancing, think of the effect it is having on them.

If you want to put those old magazines that are stacking up to good use, call me, Sally Champe. I’ll come pick them up and get them over to the prison.