List of Service Providers Now Available

T.J. Nelsen of A Dock is one of the service providers listed | photo and post by Larry Clinton

Carole Angermeir of East Pier and other dock reps have begun compiling a list of service providers referred by residents who have used them in the floating homes community. These providers include contractors, handymen, painters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, line tying, hull repair, hull inspection, house cleaners, upholsterers, refrigerator repairs, shower doors, window repair, window washing, canvas boat covers, awnings, floors, real estate agents, floating home lenders, insurance agents, gardeners, hauling and moving, locksmiths and miscellaneous.

The Floating Homes Association, the Board of Directors of the FHA or individual dock representatives are not responsible for the work or actions of any of the individuals or companies on the list. It is advisable to check references, professional accreditations and insurance coverage before engaging any person or firm.

Each dock rep has a copy of the list. Residents looking for particular services can check with their dock reps for contact information, and then do their own due diligence.

This list is a work in progress. If you would like to add one or more providers, please pass their contact information on to your dock rep or to Carole.