Let’s Hear it For Silent Disco

Pamela Adams got the hoop rolling with her silent birthday celebration

Park-full of silent dancers 

Even dogs get into the act  |  photos by Carole Angermeir  |  post by Larry Clinton

The latest craze among the jet(ty) set is silent disco, with revelers dancing to music only they can hear, via wireless headphones.

It all started as a birthday celebration in May for Pamela Adams of Issaquah. About 50 people from various docks showed up in the new Waldo Point Harbor park, to choose from three different music channels.

A repeat was held on June 28, and the next one is set for Friday July 26 from 7:00 p.m. to 10-ish. There will be 75 headsets available to rent for $7 per person. RSVP to Ali Johnston  to reserve your headset or for further information. if you have some songs you think should be included on the playlists…let her know that, as well!

Or, you can attend as an observer, which reportedly is an eerie but fascinating experience.