LAC Works to Preserve Rent Control

Restoring community harmony is a goal of the LAC | photo by Larry Clinton | post by the LAC

The FHA’s Legislative Action Committee (LAC) continues to discuss issues with county and state officials and explore the legal rights of our members under the Floating Homes Residency Law. At the recent Day in the Park, LAC members staffed a table to bring residents up to date on the status of this work.

Following is the text of a handout the LAC made available for homeowners. The LAC hopes this information will be shared widely with the Sausalito Floating Homes Community.

Where are we now?
AB 252 amended the Floating Homes Residency Law to cap annual berth rent increases up to 5% (or 3% plus CPI, whichever is lower), with no increase when a floating home is sold. This law is scheduled to automatically end on December 31, 2029, which would result in our losing the rights we gained under AB 252.

What happened next?
The marina owners asked our local and state legislators to change AB 252 to: 1) exclude 10-year leases from the rent cap; 2) pass on infrastructure costs associated with sea level rise; and 3) lift the rent cap upon the sale of a floating home.

What else have the marina owners done?
Some marina owners have passed along fees to cover increased insurance costs, and are charging fees for climate change, for renting out your house and for contractor parking. They have limited some new leases to one year.

What has the FHA done?
o Created the Legislative Action Committee
o Talked to our county and state legislators and gotten the marina owners to back down on some demands
o Engaged an attorney who has determined some of the fees charged by the marina owners may be impermissible

What are we fighting for?
o Extend the protections gained under AB 252 beyond the sunset date of December 31, 2029
o Maintain the rent control cap
o Promote 10-year leases
o Protect residents from excessive costs (legal and illegal) that are now being passed through
o Prohibit impermissible and excessive fees
o Seek the return of impermissible fees already paid
o Restore harmony and work productively with the marina owners and each other

How will we achieve our goals?
o Engage with our community to understand your interests and concerns
o Enlist our legislative representatives to extend and enlarge our rights
o Utilize the legal system as necessary to protect our rights
Other strategies suggested by some members of the floating home community have included not engaging with our legislators to amend AB 252; delaying action until shortly before AB 252 sunsets; making use of the media and applying pressure on the marina owners through direct action.

What should I do now?
Keep your lease in good standing while we work toward our goals.

The FHA would like to hear from you.
Please give us your ideas and suggestions here.
Please donate to our legal fund here.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”