Kick the Tires on Our Refreshed Website

Check out the refreshed FHA website! It’s been a year to the day since we launched the newly-reformatted Floating Times, and now the FHA website has been dusted off; and information has been updated and edited for clarity. The new pages feel clean, airy and accessible. Not only should it now be easier to find what you are looking for, but also to get involved.

The white board at the Jan 2017 FHA board meeting shows the result of the visioning session led by Jen Gennari (R) | photo and post by Jenny Stein

One item you’ll notice straight away on the home page is the Vision Statement. This statement was crafted a little over a year ago during a group visioning session (led by Issaquah’s Jen Gennari) at the January 2017 FHA board meeting. We also have Jen to thank for the refresh, together with Linda Meyer (East Pier) and FHA President Katherine Boschetto (Issaquah). The site was finished in a flurry of activity leading up to the annual FHA meeting. It is a work in progress. If you see anything that needs to be updated, please email Katherine Boschetto.

— The Vision Statement —

The Floating Homes Association is dedicated to fostering a friendly, inclusive, and colorful community on Richardson Bay. We are responsible and engaged residents who take care of the environment and ensure our safety. We work together to create a lively, diverse, and progressive place that celebrates our beautiful and unique waterfront community.

The FHA relies on volunteers for nearly everything: emergency preparedness, environmental, government and communications committees, the dock reps and FHA executive board. To gain a better sense of FHA involvement in the community read this post:  FHA Posts 2017 – A Look Forward to 2018 and/or follow this link: What Have We Done For You Lately?. Better still, head on over to the FHA website and see for yourself.