Issaquah Dock History

The cover drawing on Annie’s book was done by Phil Frank in 1977 (Courtesy of Galilee Harbor) | photo from Annie Sutter | post by Larry Clinton

Long-time Issaquah Dock resident and waterfront historian Annie Sutter has published a new book, “The History of Issaquah Dock.”

In her introduction Annie says, “Issaquah Dock is just one of many little groupings of docks and piers and homes that make up today’s houseboat—or floating home—community at the north end of Sausalito, California. This is the story of the unique circumstances that led to the emergence of the present day waterborne community; how the once tranquil and peaceful group of small vessels gathered along the shore in the 1930s grew into a random, helter-skelter, quirky and undisciplined sprawl of derelict vessels, mud, and loosely cobbled together homes.”

Annie also includes sections on local trivia, underwater streets, and ideas that might have happened here but didn’t.

The book ($20) is available at the Ice House, 780 Bridgeway, or by contacting Annie directly at 415-464-1578 or via email.