High Tides and Rain on the Horizon

Some parts of parking lots may flood with high tides and rain  |  photo by Terri Thomas  |  post by Larry Clinton

Unusually high tides of 6.5’ or more are expected from Thursday, November 4 through Monday, November 8.

There’s also a chance of rain on Thursday, Sunday and Monday, which could lead to flooding at low points such as the 101/Marin City offramp, Manzanita Park & Ride lot, and some portions of our parking lots.

To see the exact times of these high tides, check out the tide widget to the right of this post (scroll down to find it on mobile devices). Click on the ‘+’ sign in the upper left corner of the widget to advance to a particular date, then click and drag the circle to the high point on the tide chart.

For those who are interested, you may also purchase an annual Northern California tide log, which sets forth data on tides and currents for each day of the calendar year.