Ex-Eastpierian Published in International Magazine

Christina with her bike on East Pier  |  photo from Christina Leimer  |  post by Larry Clinton

Christina Leimer, who recently lived on East Pier and frequently contributed to the Floating Times, has a story coming out this month in BESIDE Magazine. Published in Montreal, BESIDE is a French/English print publication which is distributed biannually around the world. It nurtures a community of individuals “who can empower us to build a more meaningful life and build a more sustainable future.”

Christina reports that her story is about “the 40-year estrangement from my farmer father and the complications of trying to reconcile such a distance when he’s about to die—and whether it’s even possible or desirable to try. Some of the realizations I had about it came while I was riding my bike around the docks and coastline.”

The story won’t be available online. To purchase a copy through the BESIDE website, look for a window to pre–order issue 11. Enter the code BESIDE1125 during checkout to get 25% off. This promo ends on November 8.

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