High Tide for the Holidays

Gate 6 Road flooded in front of Yellow Ferry Harbor during a recent winter storm  |  photo by Christina Leimer  |  post by Larry Clinton

Just in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, and the beginning of Kwanza, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting tide levels that could be high enough to cause flooding in parts of our community. If a high tide coincides with a significant storm, a tidal surge can occur, causing higher than predicted water levels. Here are the predictions for the end of this month:

Date                     Day        Time                   Pred(Ft)

12/20/2022         Tue        08:15 AM            6.41

12/21/2022         Wed       08:55 AM            6.73

12/22/2022         Thur       09:38 AM            6.98

12/23/2022         Fri           10:24 AM            7.12

12/24/2022         Sat         11:14 AM             7.09

12/25/2022         Sun         12:06 PM            6.88

12/26/2022         Mon       01:01 PM             6.46

The Southern Marine Fire Protection District suggests that vehicles be moved to higher ground, especially in flood-prone areas. Also, exercise caution when approaching flooded streets or parking lots, especially when you don’t know how deep the water might be.

And, as I learned recently from personal experience, when the multi-use path is flooded, we can expect more bicycle and pedestrian traffic in our parking lots, so be patient as these folks find their way around.