Help Wanted: Classified Ad Manager

The Classified ads in the Floating Times also appear on the FHA website. They are sold on a calendar year basis, pro-rated for those who begin advertising partway through the year.

The Ad Manager sends out invoices to current advertisers once a year; keeps track of payments made; and takes in new advertising and/or updates existing ads as required throughout the year.

It all happens via email, so some computer skills are needed, particularly with spreadsheets for record-keeping. It helps to be detail oriented, and to be patiently persistent with tardy advertisers.


  • email invoices to advertisers at the start of the new year
  • follow up on payments until ads are paid for
  • update the spreadsheet to reflect payments and variations
  • take in new advertisers — no soliciting required (at this date)
  • proofread any new ads or changes to current ads when updated
  • work with the FHA webmistress to be sure changes/updates to ads are accurate
  • for new advertisers, figure out the amount due and pro-rate as needed
  • respond to/or re-direct would-be advertisers that don’t fit (such as someone wanting to sell an item)
  • participate in determining any changes in advertising rules, rates, etc.

The current Ad Manager, Jenny Stein, will be available to help orient the new Ad Manager (in person for the next month, then on the Internet thereafter).

If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact Jenny.