Help From the Disaster Response Trailer

A small portion of the emergency equipment in the Disaster Response trailer | photo by Pete Hudson | post by Pete and Larry Clinton

Recently we reported on a flooded hull on E. Pier which required residents to employ emergency equipment from the Floating Homes Association’s Disaster Response Trailer on Gate 6 Road. Now, FHA President Pete Hudson shares the current inventory of the trailer:

  • Two gas powered Honda water pumps, complete with wagons, which can be used to deliver the pumps to homes. Cart includes intake and outflow hoses, sediment trap, a complete tools box, and 1 gallon of extra gasoline.
  • One Honda 3500 Electric Generator.
  • 5-gallons of Ethanol-Free gasoline.
  • High-capacity electric submersible pump.
  • Hand Tools: including pry bars, pick axes, shovels, sledgehammers, and come-alongs.
  • Tie-Lines: 200-feet of 1-inch rope for securing floating homes
  • Personal and Traffic Safety Gear: including orange vests, hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection, traffic cones, traffic signs, caution tape.
  • Two-Way Radios (25 count).
  • Two Automated External Defibrillators (AED).
  • Mobility Devices: (2) Wheelchairs, (3) Four-wheel walkers with seats and brakes, (5) Aluminum stationary walkers, (2) stationary toilet seats on stands.
  • Basic First Aid Supplies: including bandages, splints, adhesive wound coverings, emergency blankets, stretcher. The FHA Disaster Trailer contains no pain medications.
  • Command Center Equipment: including (3) Pop Up 10 x 10 canopy tents, (1) large tent with sides (2) tables, electric extension cords, (2) Easels, Poster paper and pens, bottled water, and clipboards.

Note: The mobility equipment is available for short-term borrow from the FHA trailer. Please contact your Dock Rep or one of the Disaster Trailer Stewards listed below for access. We ask that you sign the equipment out on the list inside the small side door and indicate how long you expect to need the item.

Disaster Trailer Stewards:

  1. Flo Hoylman    (South 40 Dock) (415) 332-1043 or (415) 260-8903
  2. Pete Hudson   (Main Dock)        (415) 717-6469
  3. Court Mast      (West Pier)          (415) 296-8300 or (415) 331-1953
  4. Barbara Rycerski (A-Dock)        (661) 616-8421
  5. Mike Lewis      (A-Dock)             (661) 246-8466
  6. Jon Sibaila      (Issaquah Dock)     (415) 342-8093
  7. Teddie and Brad Hathaway East Pier    (415) 229-3381 or (415) 229-3382