Glorious Party in the Park

FHA VP Taylor Ray samples soup from Davey Jones
Kids and adults alike enjoyed the bubble show
Emergency Services Chair Flo Hoylman's Floating Life booth drew visitors all day
Lazlo Toth and Victoria Colella visited the FireMaster truck
Catherine Lyons and her granddaughter Alya dance to the music of Nother Mother Brothers
Lots of visitors came to the FHA membership table
Party in the Park organizers Pete Hudson and Jen Gennari found time to relax and grab a bowl of soup  |  photos by Jen Gennari and Larry Clinton  |  post by Larry Clinton

The second annual FHA-sponsored Party in the Park was again blessed by perfect weather, drawing about 100 people to the award-winning park in Waldo Point Harbor.

This year, following our recent power outage, the concentration was on Floating Life, with booths devoted to emergency preparedness, line tying and other tips for securing and maintaining our homes, fire extinguisher recharging and e-waste collection. And there was plenty of fun, as well.

Some families brought their own picnics, and everyone enjoyed a choice of soups prepared by Davey Jones. Kids gathered around the minute Bubble Man Sterling Johnson started setting up, and soon they were dancing amid an array of colorful bubbles. People also learned about efforts to restore relics from the ferry Charles Van Damme.

DJ Kai kicked off the music, which continued throughout the day, with performances by local bands Road Scholars, Nother Mother Brothers and the Van Damme Hot Clams.

At 1:00 PM, Jarl Forsberg and Malia Hass served as judges for the pet costume contest. Bosco, from South 40 Pier, who looked like he was being swallowed by a shark, won the Wears it Best Award.  Most Creative went to Skipper from Main Dock who towed a miniature porta potty with thanks to WPH, which provided potties during our recent power outage. Polo from Issaquah Dock, who carried an oversized scorpion on his back, was judged Spookiest. Main Dock’s Willis, dressed as a UPS carrier delivering a package, won Best Effort. Issaquah’s Chewy, disguised as an aviator, won in the Photographs Best category. And a surprise entry, Main Dock’s kitten Verity, occupied a carrier resembling a space capsule, and won Best Catstronaut.

The party also kicked off the FHA’s annual membership campaign. Eleven neighbors joined the Association, and 22 renewed.

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped out.

Judges Jarl Forsman and Malia Hass know that every pet's a winner
Willis the UPS dog won for Best Effort
Skipper (Main Dock) was judged Most Creative
Aviator Chewy (Issaquah) won Photographs Best
Spookiest was scorpion-carrying Polo from Issaquah
Bosco, from South 40, won Wears it Best
Best Castronaut went to Main Dock’s kitten Verity  |  photos by Larry and Jane Clinton and Jen Gennari