Give Everyone Emergency Information

You don’t have to have the latest iPhone to keep emergency information lists  |  photo courtesy of Flo Hoylman  |  post by Larry Clinton

Another weekly tip for Emergency Preparedness Month, provided by Emergency Preparedness Chair Flo Hoylman:

You probably have an emergency contacts list attached to your fridge or on your home office bulletin board. Put a copy in your child’s backpack, the glove box of your car, your wallet or purse, and in your emergency kit. That way you’ll always have the information handy even if you have to leave in a rush. If your pets or little ones are separated from you, it helps if their rescuers know who they are, who they belong to, and how to get you back together.

Include an out-of-town emergency contact. Let them know your status as soon as possible. Local phone lines may be jammed during an emergency, so it will be easier to reach someone outside of the disaster area.

Pro Tip: have two out-of-town contacts, just in case one isn’t reachable. Communication is key!