Getting Involved in 2019

New President Michael Labate welcomed a capacity crowd the the FHA Annual Meeting
VP Taylor Ray's presentation detailed many FHA activities and goals
Katherine Boschetto and her right hand Flo Hoylman admire Member of the Year Award  |  these photos by Michael Lewis
The dessert table was a popular buffet station  |  this photo and post by Larry Clinton

Community involvement was the theme of this year’s Floating Homes Association Annual Membership Meeting.

A capacity crowd gathered in the Bay Model meeting hall to hear new FHA President Michael Labate and VP Taylor Ray announce that 2019 is the year of participation in FHA activities. Taylor presented a slide show of FHA activities and services that began with a true/false quiz to gauge how much attendees know about our community. She then introduced the 2019 dock reps and alternates and some committee chairs to discuss past accomplishments and plans for the coming year.

Flo Hoylman gave a spirited description of disaster preparedness programs, pointing out that due to rising sea levels, we need to prepare for floods and nearby mudslides, in addition to fires and earthquakes. She mentioned that the FHA trailer on Gate 6 Rd. contains crutches, a wheel chair and other emergency equipment. She also encouraged people to enroll in CERT (Community Emergency Response Training). The FHA will reimburse anyone who completes the training. The next training session begins on April 4 in Mill Valley. Check back in the Floating Times for more details. Everyone needs to ensure the fire/water hoses on the docks are kept clear, with no plants or other objects blocking them. Everyone should have an evacuation plan including two ways out of their home, and how to get out of the water if you need to jump in to escape a fire.

FHA Treasurer Teddie Hathaway presented the 2018 financials and answered questions. The FHA met our 2018 budget, which called for a loss since we did not have an Open Homes Tour. We will again have a Tour in 2019 and have budgeted to get those funds back.

As Tour Co-Chair, I reported that this year’s tour will be held on Saturday, September 14th. It will be based at the new Waldo Point Park rather than Kappas Green as in the past. Homes in the Southern part of the community will be featured. This is the major fund raiser for the FHA, and over 200 volunteers are needed to run the tour. Check back here for more information about how to volunteer.

Katherine Boschetto described private tours for groups of 40 or less, which include 4 homes. We charge $1500 for each of these tours. They have brought in over $60,000 since Katherine began leading them in 2007.

Jennifer Gennari listed a number of FHA activities including Artists@Issaquah (the event alternates with the Tour, and will return September 2020); Coastal Cleanup: September 21; and a Day in the Park for all residents in October, as well as e-waste collection for recycling, Zero Waste Marin, and fire extinguisher refills. She invited residents to suggest other activities.

Jen also mentioned a number of environmental projects, such as measuring sea level rise and improving access to parking lots and docks during king tides.

Member of the Year

Michael presented the Member of the Year award to past president Katherine Boschetto. Katherine was involved in our community even before she moved here 15 years ago, and even ran the tour before she’d ever attended one. Outgoing Vice President Flo Hoylman was also recognized as Katherine’s right hand.  They both received pieces of glass art created by Teddie Hathaway.

Door Prize Donors

“And now on to what you all really came for, door prizes and dinner,” quipped Michael in his closing remarks. Michele Affronte, Julie Durbin and Mari Steeno conducted a drawing for a host of door prizes. Service prizes (highlighted in red) made for a nice addition this year—just one of the ways the FHA is encouraging residents to step up. Thanks to the many businesses and individuals who donated gift certificates, services, and other goodies:

  • Marti Rousch: Dog walking
  • Julie Kahn: Choice of a Feldenkrais body session, a photo portrait or an organizational session
  • Jarl Forsman: One month of tai chi classes
  • Bay Area Escrow: Gift certificate to DoorDash
  • Bank of Marin: Gift basket
  • Hawser Marine Insurance Services: Gift certificate to Barrel House
  • Rachelle Dorris: Night out on the town
  • Steve Sekhon: Gift certificate to the Buckeye Roadhouse
  • Michele Affronte: Gift certificate to International Smoke and Marrakech Magic Theater
  • Floating Homes Assn: Red Emergency bag (FHA)
  • Davey Jones Deli: Davey’s Dollars good for any sandwich
  • Bayside Café: Gift Certificate
  • Angelino’s:  Gift Certificate
  • Jay Alexander: 2 Tickets to Marrakech Magic Theater
  • Mike’s Bikes: Gift certificate
  • Kappas Marina: Launderland gift certificate
  • Teddie Hathaway: Glass pendant
  • Seafood Peddler: Gift certificate
  • Spaulding Marina: Afternoon sail on the schooner Freda, oldest vessel on the bay
  • Juan Perez: Two bottles of wine
  • Emily Riddell: copy of Stuart Riddell’s book, A Soldier’s Wind
  • Bridgeway Bagel:  Gift certificate
  • Avatar’s Restaurant  Gift certificate
  • BBQ n Curry House:  Gift certificate
  • Sartaj India Café: Two gift certificates

Please keep these folks in mind for your future patronage.  Let’s support those who support our community.

After the drawing, the group adjourned to the Bay Model Gallery for a gourmet buffet dinner.