Get Ready FHA With Emergency Backpacks

A well-stocked Go Bag is an essential part of disaster planning for you and your family—whether you put one together yourself or take advantage of the FHA’s discounted offer | this information originally appeared in the March 17 Sausalito Currents | special thanks to the Sausalito Fire Department

Emergency Preparedness made easy

The FHA Go Bag | post by Flo Hoylman

The FHA can purchase Emergency Preparedness Survival Back Packs at a great discount, and make them available to members at $10 below the Association’s cost. Three-day Emergency Survival Packs for two, with food, water, first aid, flashlight, emergency blanket and sleeping bag that retail for $125 will be offered to each member for $55 (limit of two per member). Non-members of the FHA may purchase one for $75; the member savings on the backpack offsets almost all the annual FHA dues ($25). This is another great reason to join the FHA.

These backpacks will be distributed at informative 90-minute Get Ready FHA meetings on each dock. To get yours, contact your Dock Rep or sign up on the signup sheet on your dock bulletin board.  Give your Dock Rep a check made out to the FHA for the number of bags you want.

The Dock Rep will be scheduling a Get Ready Meeting a couple of weeks after the deadline set on your dock to order the backpacks.  You need to pay for your Backpack before it is ordered. If you have questions, contact your Dock Rep or Flo Hoylman.