Gate Six Intersection Safety Improvements Delayed

Temporary easements have been granted for the Gate 6 intersection project | post by Jen Gennari
Bicyclists and cars vie for space in the confusing and unsafe intersection
The approved plan from 2016

Safe travel through the Gate 6 intersection for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians has been delayed, once again.

In April 2019, the Sausalito City Council approved a motion to solicit bids for the construction of improvements to the intersection at Gate 6 Road, but Sausalito Project Manager Jill Barnes wrote in a July email that

The temporary easements required from adjacent property owners for pedestrian and bike access were not going to be obtained in time to construct this summer… This meant we had to postpone the project construction until next summer-fall 2020.

At the Oct. 8, 2019 City Council meeting, staff presented a report on the status of the project, which was approved on the consent calendar. The report includes a new map showing where walkways will be temporarily blocked for equipment and where bicyclists will be re-routed onto Gate 6 1/2 during construction.

The safety improvements are desperately needed, as everyone in the floating home community knows. Not only will the project add sensors at the Sausalito-Mill Valley Multi-Use Path so that people biking can safely cross over to Bridgeway, it will also add an additional turn lane for people driving. The project also includes a change to traffic signals for people walking to and from Marin City and pavement and curb ramp improvements.

The FHA Environmental Committee has followed this story since 2014, when input was sought for the proposed changes. If you are concerned about safety and want to ensure this project doesn’t slip beyond 2020, please send an email to Public Works Project Manager Jill Barnes at and copy Let’s get this done!

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