Gate 6 Intersection Construction Begins Next Week

Gate 6 Intersection
A view of the changes to Gate Six intersection | image from the City of Sausalito | post by Jen Gennari

Local drivers, bus operators, bicyclists, walkers, and freeway on-ramp motorists all converge at the Gate 6 intersection, as floating home residents well know. At last, this area will get its makeover: The City of Sausalito announced this week that construction will begin Wednesday, Dec. 2, and will last through June 30, 2021.

The city hired Ghilotti Construction Company to modify and improve the intersection, implementing changes which have long been needed. The finished intersection will have a signal and a diagonal green lane for bicyclists heading south from the Mill Valley-Sausalito path, three vehicle lanes coming out from Gate 6 (left, straight, and right), and safer crossing for pedestrians walking to and from Marin City. To see the full plans, click here.

During construction, residents can expect traffic congestion and delays as well as reduced street, sidewalk, and path use. People who walk and bike should be prepared for detours. Parts of the job will require closing the corner of Bridgeway and Gate 6 as well as the opposite corner at Bridgeway and North Bridge Road into Marin City. A temporary bicyclist and pedestrian detour will be routed onto Gate 6 ½ to allow work at the end of the path.

For drivers, delays of up to ten minutes may be expected. At times, they will be closing the merge lane onto the 101 northbound, and some parking will be limited. Paving the Bridgeway/Gate 6 Intersection at the end will require lane closures at night. Ghilotti will notify the community in advance of the night work.

“Ghilotti Construction Company will provide flaggers, as needed, to direct pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists safely through the area,” Project Manager Brian Fleck said. “Access to residents and businesses will be our number-one priority. It is our commitment to keep these inconveniences to a minimum.” The crews will typically work from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Precautions will be taken to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

This project began back in 2014, when the FHA was initially contacted to provide input. Although the construction may cause inconveniences, the result will be an intersection that makes it easier for everyone to safely walk across the street, drive in and out, and bike to town.

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