Free Parking in Sausalito – Coming Soon

Jane Clinton tears her hair at pay station in Sausalito Lot 1, hopefully for the last time | photo & post by Larry Clinton

After four decades of lobbying, the Sausalito City Council has agreed to extend eligibility requirements of the Sausalito Resident Parking Program to Include unincorporated residents of ZIP Code 94965.

That means that floating home residents will soon be able to take advantage of up to three hours of free parking in downtown public parking lots before 6:00 p.m. each day.

Elliott Holt, parking analyst for the Sausalito Police Department, notes that the ordinance amendment will require two public hearings, which are tentatively scheduled for September 8 and September 22, then an additional 30 days from that second public hearing before applicants within the extended area will be processed. Applications for Parking Passcards will probably begin to be accepted in late October—in plenty of time for pre-holiday dining and shopping.

Check back in October for further details.

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