Floating Homes Victory Flotilla – Biden/Harris 2020!

Otto the Tug arrives as the lead boat for the Biden/Harris victory flotilla | post and photos by Aditi Iyer
Some couldn't help looking forward—Jeff Cariño for Harris 2024!
Mary Lou Jepsen joins the victory parade sporting her stars and stripes | photo by Jennifer Gennari
A beautiful day for democracy, and a floating victory parade
Long may she wave - Kathryn Soter stands tall at the victory flotilla | photo by Jennifer Gennari
A Dockers gathered for a spontaneous toast to the new president-elect and VP-elect | photo by Sally Champe

This Saturday, following the announcement of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 United States presidential election, together with the historic announcement of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris as his Vice President, residents of our floating homes community joined millions across the country in celebrating our nation’s new leadership. Almost as soon as the media reported the results Saturday morning, various docks erupted in cheers, as residents shouted hurrahs out of windows and climbed up on roof decks to toast the results of our democracy in action.

By mid-afternoon, a victory flotilla had been organized—boaters gathered in the Waldo Point Harbor lagoon sporting Biden/Harris signs, patriotic stars and stripes, and more than a few Harris 2024 banners. Led by Blaze Nash’s tug, which had been fitted out with speakers (and a fantastic soundtrack), the parade made its way around the lagoon, winding along outer Issaquah and around A Dock before heading over to Yellow Ferry, cheering all the way. The flotilla eventually settled on outer Issaquah, capping off an historic day with an evening of stellar music courtesy of Fiver Brown (Venmo: @Fiver-Brown) and more than a few toasts to our new President-elect and Vice President-elect.