FHA Weighs in on Richardson’s Bay Management

Teddie Hathaway addresses the RBRA  |  post by Larry Clinton  |  photo by Jenny Stein

At the May meeting of the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency, Teddie Hathaway of East Pier read the following statement, which had been discussed at an FHA Board meeting and approved by The Executive Committee:

The Floating Homes Association is a volunteer civic group which represents the interests of the residents of 400+ homes, in five floating home marinas, on Richardson Bay. Although these homes are often referred to as the Houseboats of Sausalito, they are located almost entirely in the waters of Marin County. I am here today, as a representative of the Board of the Floating Homes Association, to read the following statement into the official record.

The Board of the FHA wishes to express our support for cooperative efforts, by all involved municipalities, to proactively manage the waterways of Richardson Bay. Owing to our location—literally on the waters of the Bay—we have intimate knowledge of, and are concerned about, the environmental and navigational hazards presented by the current number of abandoned and derelict vessels and illegal mooring balls. The FHA lends our support for the removal of the above-mentioned hazards, and for sustained and concerted efforts to prevent the continued accumulation of those hazards on our Bay waters.

The statement was met with applause, which is unusual in this setting. No vocal opposition was expressed.

Last week, we reported  that Sausalito has withdrawn its support of the RBRA, leaving the future of this agency in question.  Leslie Alden, aide to Supervisor Kate Sears, who serves on the RBRA, told me that the agency is being reorganized.  Bill Price is still the Harbor Administrator; Sausalito resident Kate Sears remains actively engaged on the Board as the County’s representative.  The next RBRA meeting is July 13.

Dan Eilerman, Assistant County Administrator and Interim Clerk to the RBRA Board, said, “We do look forward to continued engagement with Sausalito as an important stakeholder going forward even though they will not formally be a member of the RBRA.” As these and other elements are defined going forward, additional information will be posted on the RBRA website.