FHA Emergency Trailer Fully Stocked

The FHA Emergency Trailer is parked near the entry to Issaquah Dock | photos and post by Larry Clinton

Thanks to the efforts of Peter Hudson (Main Dock), the emergency trailer parked along Gate 6 Road is now fully stocked for assistance in emergencies such as sinking, fire, earthquakes and home accidents. It contains:

  • Two gas powered water pumps, complete with wagons which can be used to deliver the pumps to homes that are taking on water, plus all the necessary hoses, and a supply of gasoline
  • Essential tools
  • Communications aids
  • General safety gear: Orange Vests, Water rescue throw rope, Orange traffic cones, Hard hats, etc.
  • Two automatic external defibrillators (one is currently being repaired)
  • A wheelchair that can be borrowed short term
  • Basic first aid supplies
  • Equipment for setting up a command center

Emergency Services Coordinator Flo Hoylman suggests that residents of each dock should determine who, on their dock, to go to for help with lines or sinking, to facilitate a rapid response. Also, get to know those neighbors who’ve been through Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. They’re prepared to help in emergencies.

A sign posted on the side of the trailer gives contact information for people who can open it up when needed

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