Entertainment All Afternoon at DITP

Jay Alexander holds kids spellbound | photo by Privette | post by Larry Clinton

Attendees at the May 19 FHA Day in the Park were entertained all afternoon by a variety of performers, including:

  • The Nother Mother Brothers:  Stephen Ehret and Hines, original material and selected cover songs
  • Jack Justice and the Jims: Jim Justice, Jim Rettew and friends
  • Dance performance by GeeGee, Choreographer of the Performing Stars
  • Encore: Jennifer Jones, Art Hernandez and Bob Hermann
  • Alchemy: Dave Pangaro, Peter Hanneforth, Arnel Panganiban and Tanya Ho-Shue, classic blues & rock & roll to ease your soul
  • Grannies and Gramps: Joe Tate, Maggie Catfish, Merrily Weeber, John Barnard and Frank Simpson
  • ChauntiAna Thomas, Performing Stars , a local 23-year old neo-soul inspired artist with a heart for gospel, r&b, and show tunes
  • Jay Alexander, Master Magician and comic
  • JO2: Brian Green, Tom Simpson & Nora Stratton, breathing new life into tunes spanning from the ’60s to the present
  • Angus Martin, multilingual guitarist, accordionist and singer of international music

All these folks have ties to our community and perform at other venues in Marin.

And special thanks to our enthusiastic emcees:

Heather Lerner – More than just a familiar face in Sausalito, Heather’s the epitome of community spirit. As the incoming President of the Rotary Club of San Jose and a dynamic emcee, Heather effortlessly weaves together the threads of our neighborhood, fostering unity and camaraderie. Her vibrant energy and storytelling prowess make her the go-to host for events, from neighborhood gatherings to the annual Floating Homes Day in the Park.  She’s the Senior Director of Philanthropy for Jewish Silicon Valley and is writing a book on creating engaging experiences.  Heather has two grown sons and resides on West Pier with her sweetheart Jay Alexander.

BettyAnn Kram – A professional voice talent and presenter, BettyAnn has recorded TV/radio commercials, training programs, audiobooks, and other media. For 10 years, she was Master of Ceremonies and awards presenter of the Research & Development 100 Awards at a  high-profile annual awards ceremony for the worldwide research and development community. Now she’s focused on being creative for fun and using professional skills to support organizations like the FHA and doing some professional work. She enjoys exploring, learning, and laughing with folks, and her mantra is making a daily discovery in this amazing world.