Emergency Backpacks Distributed at Get Ready FHA Meetings

Flo hands out emergency check lists in addition to backpacks at Gate 6-1/2 meeting  |  post and photo by Larry Clinton

Get Ready FHA Dock Meetings—here’s a chance for you to learn more about how to survive an emergency in Southern Marin, and to get a great deal on an emergency backpack full of enough materials to support 2 people for 3 days.

These Emergency Preparedness Survival Back Packs—with food, water, first aid, flash light, emergency blanket sleeping bag and other necessities—retail for $125. The FHA is subsidizing the cost per bag for members and offering the packs to each member for $55. Non-members of the FHA may purchase one for $75. The savings on the backpack offsets all but $5 of the ($25) annual FHA dues.

These backpacks are being distributed at informative Get Ready FHA meetings, taking place on each dock. Residents must be signed up for one of these meetings to get the survival kits. Emergency Services Chair Flo Hoylman recently conducted the first of these dock meetings at our home on Gate 6-1/2. Dock neighbors were joined by Linda Rittenberry and Mark Bower from A Dock, and enjoyed a lively exchange as Flo described the contents of the bags. Flo also encouraged everyone to share ideas of how they would prepare for an emergency serious enough to force us to evacuate our homes.

Members can buy up to two packs at the discounted price. The dock reps must collect the money at least two weeks in advance of the dock meeting and get it to Flo with the number of kits needed. Flo will bring the back packs to the meeting where they will be handed out. Dock reps have the necessary materials to schedule these meetings, and sign-up sheets for ordering backpacks, so if you’re interested, contact your dock rep (contact info HERE).