East Pier Improv

Here on the docks, we often make do with what’s on hand. This particular skillset was in full view the other day when East Pier’s Liz Gale broke her leg and her mom, Katy Boyd, needed to get her to the hospital. With help from Marty Atkinson, Katy first MacGyvered a stretcher out of a pair of kayak paddles, towels and pillows; and then a gurney from several industrial carts put together end-to-end. Neighbor Tom Johnson and 2 vacationing visitors, Sara and PY, who all just happened upon the scene, helped guide the improvised gurney to the car.

Liz is back home and resting, with a full-length leg cast and a story to tell. Katy texted to say everything was okay and added, “See? Life here is something you can’t get anywhere else!!”

Note to CERTs—this was a brilliant use of the materials we have on hand; remember this combo.

photos and post by Jenny Stein