East Pier Gets a Book Shed

Teddie with the East Pier Book Shed  |  photo by Larry Clinton  |  post by Teddie Hathaway

East Pierians Carole Angermier and Teddie Hathaway love the way the denizens of the dock share books. But books left out for neighbors to view often got caught in heavy dew or even, on rare occasion, rain. Plus, the green transformer box which was used to display no-longer-wanted items could become a junky eyesore. What to do? Well, other communities seem to have tiny libraries set up in yards. Thinking that the pier was the yard for East Pier residents, they decided to put up a tiny library but needed to find a way to protect the books from the elements. Thus was born East Pier’s Book Shed.

Teddie ordered a cabinet kit from Target which she assembled and modified for the specific purpose in mind. Its two doors were just wood, however, so passersby couldn’t see if there were any books inside. She took the doors to woodworker and FHA President Michael Labate, who cut triangular openings, and Teddie, a glass artist, cut glass to fit. To be sure it wouldn’t tip, she secured the shed to the railing of the pier just behind the dock house.

Now, the East Pier Book Shed has about two dozen books on a wide range of topics: novels, inspirational material, how-to manuals, and even a kids book or two. Residents are welcome to take anything that interests them, but are asked to contribute whenever they have finished a book they think their neighbors would find of interest.