COVID Test Expiration Dates Extended

Expiration dates extended 4 months  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

The expiration or “use by” dates for at-home QuickVue COVID tests provided by Marin County Public Health have been extended four months. For example, those with expiration dates in February now expire in June. To confirm expiration dates of any tests you have on hand, check this FDA handout.

In addition, the California Department of Public Health endorses the use of all FDA approved over-the-counter COVID-19 tests beyond their original expiration date. To ensure your at-home test has not expired, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Take the test.
  2. Wait the allotted time per the test instructions.
  3. Watch the control line appear. The visible control line indicates a good test. If the control line is not visible after waiting the instructed time, then the test has likely expired.

FHA Emergency Services chair Flo Hoylman has a limited supply of free test kits. Contact her if you need one or more.