Covid Breakthrough Fatality at WPH

Dimitreo will be remembered as a gentle and kind hearted man  |  photo by Michael Labate  | post by Larry Clinton

Dimitreo, who worked in maintenance at Waldo Point Harbor, has succumbed to COVID–19, leaving behind a wife and two children. Floating Homes Association President Michael Labate has set up a gofundme page for those who would like to offer their support to Dimitreo’s family.

WPH management has verified that Dimitreo had been vaccinated, so this breakthrough tragedy clearly shows the need for mask protocols and booster shots, especially now that the Pfizer vaccine has received full FDA approval.

According to the New York Times, “In California, unvaccinated people are more than six times as likely to contract the coronavirus than those who have their shots.” Marin has one of the lowest COVID hospitalization rates in the state, the Times reports, but 25% of eligible Marinites are still unvaccinated.

A recent survey by the University of Southern California found that people who were unvaccinated were more likely than vaccinated individuals to go to a bar or a friend’s house and less likely to wear a mask or avoid large gatherings.

“In other words,” says the Times, “people who choose not to get vaccinated are also probably less worried about COVID–19 and take fewer safety precautions, contributing to their risk of falling ill,” and infecting others.

As mask mandates are being initiated by more businesses, institutions and event venues, we need to heed them, to protect ourselves and those close to us.