Community Arts Round Up

East Pier resident Alissa DiFranco in her studio at the ICB Building—Open Studios Spring 2017  | photos and post by Jenny Stein
Works in ink on paper and mixed media
Elaine West's oil paintings (giclee prints of these paintings are also available)
Elaine West (L) opened her home on Liberty for Open Studios Spring 2017
Rippling As She Rows  |  a boat with a pedigreed history but an uncertain future


In a quick round up of arts-related events, this week marks both the 2017 Open Studios and the start of the monthly Sausalito Art Walk at Caledonia Street.


Local businesses, situated along the length of Caledonia Street, will host receptions for a rotation of artists. The artists exhibiting will vary from fine art, jewelry and textile designers, and artisan food producers. Many participants will be offering light snacks and drinks or a special promotion.

This event is free to attend.

This past weekend two floating homes residents, Alissa DiFranco and Elaine West, took part in the semi-annual Sausalito & Marin’s Artists Open Studios. Both Alissa, over at the ICB industrial building on Gate 5 Road, and Elaine, at her houseboat on Liberty Dock, saw a steady stream of visitors and overall each had a very successful two days. The maritime and marine environment we all call home permeates and informs both of these 2 artists’ work, though with strikingly different results.

In case you missed the first 2017 Open Studios, and don’t want to wait for the next Open Studio (scheduled for December 1, 2, 3) here are links to both artists’ work:

Marin Open Studios—Alissa DiFranco  |  ICB Sausalito Artists—Alissa DiFranco

Elaine West Studio

Elaine West returns to show her work on the Kappas Green, for the September 30 Floating Homes Tour. Many of her smaller oil paintings will be for sale, along with giclee prints of the oils you see in the photos above. If you are a floating home artist or author and would like to participate in the upcoming tour, please contact Teddie Hathaway— This year the tour committee would like to provide some advance publicity for the artists and authors exhibiting, so please send along a short bio and a few photos of your work.

© Elaine West 2017 | Rippling As She Rows

Finally, and admittedly in a bit of a non-sequitur, the boat that features front and center in Elaine West’s show has a pedigreed history but is in serious need of some maintenance. The proposal? Share in the cost of the maintenance, and then enjoy the use, of a world class one-of-a-kind boat. Interested? Contact Shoshana Mills at 415 450.5361—to hear the full story, and work out the details.