Charles Van Damme Ferry Project is On a Roll


Among the WPH works-in-progress—(see the recent post: Waldo Point Project Update)—is the development of the Waldo Point Park, at Gate 6 Road. Nestled into the elbow where Issaquah joins the area adjacent the newly constructed Charles Van Damme floating pier—(the area that was the COOP)—the park will contain an observation pier and plans are to include several restored CVD artifacts: the steam stack and the paddlewheel—the latter featuring an integrated educational exhibit.

Judyth Greenburgh, co-founder and one of the organizers for the CVD project, writes:

There are several opportunities to find out more about the Charles Van Damme ferry’s exciting progress and ways to support the efforts to restore the recently saved 100-year-old Ferry Boat’s artifacts (the paddlewheel and steam stack) and place them on public display in the new Waldo Point Park at Gate 6 road.

1. Steering crew recruitment meeting:
2. Floating home Association tour – Saturday September 24th:
  • – a booth explaining the projects, telling the history & sharing the plans.
  • – tickets will be on sale for the Charles Van Damme Centennial celebration at the Seahorse
3. Charles Van Damme Centennial celebration at the Seahorse – come and celebrate with us:
  • – Friday November 18th at the Seahorse
  • – featuring a grand line up of bands (Joe Tate, Fiver Brown and Jerry Hannan ) an exhibition and a Story Booth to record your memories of the ferry boat
  • – proceeds will go towards the restoration fund
4. – Don’t worry if you are unable to do any of this but want to still participate or donate

The is our fiscal sponsor enabling us to qualify for non profit 5013c status.

I can be reached at the following numbers: (760) 876-9123 (telephone)

1 (415) 331-5483 (pager) – and 1 (415) 272-3611 (mobile)

I live 9hrs away! I commute 1 week amonth to run this project—that’s also why I need help from a team of people—Judyth Greenburgh

link to the Mark Prado MarinIJ article published August 14, 2016:

Sausalito ferry exhibit proceeds with county OK