Brave New World as Ducklings Hatch

Photos and video by South 40's Dennis Bayer  |  special thanks to Flo Hoylman for passing these along  |  post by Jenny Stein
Here I coooooooooome!
Wait for me. I'm AFRAID!!!!!
First family swim
Get up here!
Proud mama
Passels of ducklings, and goslings—along with their watchful parents—can be seen waddling and swimming about in various locations throughout the floating homes community. Over on South 40, Caroline Hall and Michael McNeill’s planter box provided the ideal set up for a pair of Mallard Ducks to build a nest. The just-hatched ducklings—who launch themselves straight out of the nest and into the water—have been known to successfully leap from two stories high.

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Less than 24 hours after they are born, goslings will be led to water by their parents to learn how to swim. By the time they are 1 day old, they will be able to dive 30-40 feet underwater.

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The Drop — Aka taking the leap

For the third year in a row, Mrs. Duck has made her nest in the planter box of this floating home in Sausalito, CA. On April 12, 2017 ten eggs hatched, and this morning April 13, the ducklings leaped from the planter box into the bay. There are 3 of them taking the plunge in this video!

Duckies Jumping into the Bay from their Nest in a Planter Box!  |  Dennis Bayer

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