Board Meeting Notes — Nov 2022

Elaine Wilkinson, Mann County Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, and Southern Marin Battalion Chief Jason Golden discuss the recent West Pier fire with Kappas residents | photo and post by Larry Clinton

Here are some of the items that were discussed or decided on at the November 8 FHA Board Meeting. More details will be reported later in the Floating Times.

  • FHA President Michael Labate will contact county officials to set up a Zoom town hall for interested residents to learn their rights regarding floating home zoning variances.
  • FHA VP Pete Hudson is communicating with a potential replacement webmaster and Board secretary.
  • Jim Rettew introduced Ann Matranga as new Liberty Dock Rep. Taylor Ray will be Liberty Dock alternate. John Ryan will move from Issaquah Dock rep to alternate at the end of the year and has nominated a new dock rep to be introduced at January 2023 FHA Board meeting.
  • Barbara Rycerski will set up FHA archives on Google Docs where Board members will be able to access archival files including FHA graphics, Board minutes and other documents. Barbara will be the administrator of the archives.
  • Mari Steeno and Teddie Hathaway reported that the November 4 private tour had 18 people visiting 4 homes. The Board approved increasing the cost of future private tours to $50/person and two tour levels: Up to 25 people @ $1250 and up to 40 people @ $2000. Teddie Hathaway, Ted Bravos and Carole Angermeir are developing a marketing plan for future private tours.
  • Michael Labate will contact the Bay Model to reserve February 25th or February 26th for an in-person annual meeting to coordinate with a Floating Homes Art Show. Meeting time, events, food planning and guest speaker to be determined. Volunteers: Larry Clinton, Pete Hudson, Michael Labate, Flo Hoylman, Carole Angermeir, Ann Matranga and Mari Steeno.
  • Emergency Preparedness Chair Flo Hoylman announced that Southern Marin Fire Protection District would provide a report on Saturday, November 12 at 1:30 p.m. about the recent fire at West Pier followed by demonstration on fire hose use at 2 p.m. (see separate story this week). Dock reps can contact Flo to arrange for hose use training by the Southern Marin Fire Department on their docks.
  • Webmaster Jim Rettew announced that $500 in memberships had been received online from FHA Day in the Park, along with $481 in cash donations.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 10, 2023, 7 p.m.