Board Meeting Notes – May 2021

EV charging station near Main Dock | photo and post by Larry Clinton


  • Larry Clinton reported that magician Jay Alexander, a resident of West Pier, will be the MC for the June 9 Virtual Gala and Tour. The Mirene tugboat on South 40 has been added for the first time. We have commitments for $6500 in sponsorships. The Cavallo Point Lodge is our premiere hotel sponsor. Press releases went out this week. The FHA will send an email to everyone in the community by the end of the week asking them to forward to family and friends. We’ve spent $4700 so far. Our projected costs will take us to our budget limit. We don’t intend to spend more than that unless it is justified by income. Larry moved and Flo seconded a motion to have the executive committee approve a higher expense limit if necessary and report to the board at the next meeting. Motion carried.
  • Larry Clinton also announced a switch to Mailchimp to send out weekly Floating Times emails, which has solved previous delivery problems. Larry and Jim Rettew (Liberty Dock) will look at moving the FT to the new website platform, Wix, after the Gala.
  • Membership co-chair Lisa McNelley and FHA coordinator Linda Sempliner mentioned that the FHA membership database is maintained on Access. Lisa would like to explore ways to have membership information easily seen and efficiently forwarded. Lisa, Linda and Jim will meet about this.
  • Emergency Preparedness chair Flo Hoylman confirmed great concern about the fire season this summer. Everyone needs to be up to date about evacuating and taking care of your home. There will be an evacuation drill downtown at the end of June. Everyone needs two ways to get out if we have a fire. Joining the community emergency response team (CERT) will help with your preparedness and with being prepared to help others on your dock.
  • The Southern Marin Fire Department will visit docks to help people fireproof their boats. They will walk the dock and make recommendations. Julan Pekkain noted that East Pier’s review with the fire department was quite informative. She highly recommends having them as soon as possible and before fire season. Docks can schedule safety assessments by contacting Senior Fire Inspector Ryan Boykin by email or by phone at (415) 388-8182, extension 1002 (or if you are dialing from an iPhone, by phone).
  • The fire department told East Pier that residents had to know where the cut offs to each dock are. A whole crew has to be present for the assessment. They will also demonstrate how to use the fire hoses on the dock. Jim said Liberty dock parking lot has a big shipping container that includes materials to repair pipes and other gear under the dock. Jim will try to see when these replacements will be installed.
  • WPH Harbormaster Bill Price has suggested that the FHA should place a water line wrench in the Disaster Response trailer. Everyone needs to know where the water shut off is on their dock. Pete Hudson will give the dock reps the combination to the emergency trailer so more people will know how to get what they need.
  • Jim Rettew reviewed the new website. The new store of FHA-logo merchandise is up as well as a calendar of events. FHA members are urged to log in to sign up as website members. Only FHA members can fully access the site. Non-members get a link to join the FHA when they try to log in. Many thanks to Jim for his great work.
  • Public Relations co-chairs Arleen Ma and Scott Collins received an inquiry from a Canadian magazine about sea level rise. Their article will be published in July. Arleen and Scott are also sending out Gala releases.
  • Environmental Committee Chair Doug Young announced that Waldo Point Harbor is exploring various EV charging stations. The least expensive alternative is an overnight charger. The other option provides a 2 ½ hour charge. Doug reported that 40 slow chargers are cheaper than one fast charge station. Denise Kendell offered to work with Doug. He is willing to call other marinas including Kappas.
  • Michael Labate announced that concrete barge builder Ian Moody had a massive heart attack and was in a coma. On May 13, we learned that Ian had died. The future of his company, Aquamaison, is unclear.
  • Michael got used shopping carts from Mollie Stone’s. He labeled them with dock names and distributed them. We should try to keep them on the docks they are named for.
  • Jim asked if a Board Member could meet with Waldo Point Harbor regularly. He spoke about catalytic converter burglaries, water pipes under Liberty and lights out on Van Damme. FHA vice president Pete Hudson has been speaking with Bill Price after the Board meetings. He will try to meet for 30 minutes after each meeting with Bill.


Next Meeting:            Tuesday, June 8, 2021 7:00 p.m. via Zoom